10 Favorites

  1. TV shows - It's a bit dated now, but I really liked "24" when it was on TV
  2. Thing to collect - playing cards with pictures from our vacations
  3. Sport to watch - football; I also love the Olympics when they are on
  4. Sports to play - basketball and racquetball
  5. Flower - bluebonnets; Amanda and I make sure we get out and see them each Spring
  6. Food - anything barbecued
  7. Color - blue
  8. Dessert - most desserts with chocolate
  9. Exercise - playing sports, swimming, and running
  10. Vacations - Alaska and Guadeloupe

  1. Sport to do - swimming (I would much rather swim a mile than run a mile)
  2. Sport to watch - gymnastics, but I am an Olympic junkie and love anything Olympics
  3. Smells - freshly cut grass, sheets just out of the dryer, skunk (but from a distance), indoor pools - these are smells that make me pause and smile; but I also love the smells of vanilla, amber, coconut, cinnamon, citrus (I like them all), and daffodils
  4. Flowers - yellow roses, daisies (especially Shasta and Gerber), lilies (especially calla lilies and water lilies), daffodils, orchids, tulips, wild flowers
  5. Books - I love too many books to pick just one (or even ten), and I love pretty much all genres, but if I just had free time and wanted to read something for fun I would probably pick historical fiction
  6. Song - don't so much have a favorite, but I love "I Think I Loved You Before I Met You" by Savage Garden because it is the first song Ryan and I danced to
  7. Date activity - dancing
  8. Restaurants - in Ft. Worth Blue Mesa and Pappadeux; in Las Vegas Ricardos; in Provo Thai Chili Garden and Ottavios; Cheesecake Factory may be my favorite national chain (I love cheesecake, it's my favorite dessert, our wedding cake was cheesecake)
  9. Games - we have a whole closet full so it is hard to choose: Cranium, Settlers of Catan, Canasta, Hearts, Rook, Farm Hands (a card/board game we made up) - I also like active games such a croquet, bocce ball, ladder ball, foosball, ping pong, and snake in the grass
  10. Food - my mom's tacos, but I may live on fruit if I thought that was a good idea

  1. Dinner – black beans and rice
  2. Snack – rice cakes
  3. Fruits – bananas, watermelon, and clementines
  4. Vegetables – sweet potatoes
  5. Animals – dogs, cats, birds, bonobos, meerkats
  6. Books – “Baby Einsteins First Words”, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”, “A Very Hungry Caterpillar”
  7. Person – her dad (she loves her mom too but she is around more so not as exciting)
  8. Game – hide-and-seek
  9. Activities – dancing and swimming
  10. Sign – more (we do sign language with her for important words) – she also loves to clap, wave, and blow kisses
In Lexington KY
At a BYU vs TCU football game
Daddy/daughter time
Getting her groove on
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

At the bayou - Monroe LA
Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
Beach fun - Solana Beach CA
Catching a Ranger's baseball game in Seattle
Enjoying the Las Vegas sunshine in her favorite way
That may look like any ordinary wedding cake, but don't be fooled - it was cheesecake, and it was delicious!
Looking at fish with Grandma at Scripps Aquarium - La Jolla CA
 Abby's first Halloween
Helping Dad celebrate after he finished the 10k at the Cowtown