Birth Parents

We would like you to know how grateful we are to you, for your willingness to consider adoption. We consider adoption to be one of the most beautiful gifts in this world. We are amazed, inspired, and humbled by the selfless sacrifice of birth parents, for their love and compassion. We are inexpressibly grateful for it.

When Amanda was in high school her older sister was faced with the decision of whether to place her child for adoption. She was 17 and unmarried. From this experience Amanda saw the challenges that face a person in such a situation and we have incredible empathy for you. Our hearts ache for and with you as you face such a difficult decision and time in your life. We pray and hope that you will be guided through this journey, that you will find peace, and that you will feel the love of your Father in Heaven and Savior.

We will start sharing our family story with our children at a very young age. As birth parents you will be an integral part of our family story. Our children will know of your loving sacrifice, of your amazing selflessness, of your love and your courage. Our children will be taught to love and respect you. And they will know how grateful we are for you, how much we love you, and honor you. Thank You!

(If you would like to see an on-line copy of the book we created to share our family story with Abby click here.)

On our Alaskan cruise
Newborn Abby - still in the hospital