Open or Closed Adoption

The day we brought Abby home from the hospital - Amanda's mom, Ryan, Amanda, Abby, Cheyenne (birth mom), Cathy (birth grandma), Mike (birth grandpa)
Before beginning on this journey we hadn't ever given much thought to open adoptions, didn't really even know they existed, as they are fairly new. But now that we know about them we like the idea. Our basic feeling is that no one can be loved too much or have too many people to love them. So if our children have birth parents in their lives, or even extended birth families, then that is just more love for them.

We know of some birth parents that prefer little to no contact, and we respect that. We know that that choice is not due to a lack of love. Our feeling is that our adoption will be as open as we all feel comfortable with. But whether it is open or not, our birth parents will always have a huge place in our hearts, and our children will always know of their birth family's love for them.
Trick-or-treating at Mike and Cathy's - she got more than just candy there

After sledding at the cabin

Cheyenne loves Abby a lot - we are so lucky to have her in our lives

Michealanne, Amanda, Wendi (Amanda's best-friend since birth - her brother and sister are adopted) - having a slumber party at Maggi's

Celebrating Abby's first Christmas - Cathy, Cheyenne, Heather, and Grandma

Adam (one of Ryan's mission companions and later roommate) and Ryan - Columbia River Gorge, border between Oregon and Washington

Cheyenne's friends who joined us for Abby's first birthday