Our Life From Day to Day

At the Blue Bell Creamery - Brenham TX

Our lives are pretty busy, but we are beginning to think it's not too likely that they will be slowing down. Ryan's weekdays are spent at BNSF working while Amanda and Abby are at home. Amanda and Abby spend a lot of time reading, playing, eating, napping, spending time with Penny, running errands, and having fun with friends. In the evenings we get things done (exercise, laundry, yard work) and play with Abby and Penny. We have always liked going on walks and now that we have Penny we get out pretty much every morning and evening for a walk if not a run.

Friday and Saturday evenings we go on dates - we'll go on a family date one night and a couple's date the other (sometimes with other couples, often just us). Sundays are pretty busy with church-related activities, but we also get to spend time together.

We are always trying to spend as much time together as possible - there is something about having been married as long as we were without having any kids that makes your lives revolve around each other. That dynamic changed some once we got Abby since now our lives significantly revolve around her, but we are all very close and love spending time together. Amanda does go to book club once a month and some other activities for just the girls, but generally we are only apart because of work. When we are together and have free time we like to play games (we have a whole closet full of games and have even created our own game, we think it is pretty awesome), play disc golf, walk, do some photography, go to dinner, watch movies, go camping, kayak, hike, scuba dive, snorkel, play with Abby and Penny, and try new things. Oh, and we love to travel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every year, in addition to going to Las Vegas to visit Amanda's family a couple times, we go on 2-3 more trips. We've been to Hawaii, Alaska, Belize, Guadeloupe (a small Caribbean Island), Europe (Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland), on a Panama Canal Cruise (we had stops in Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Mexico), and all over the continental US. We have a goal to get to all 50 states (we have 5 left to go - well, Abby has 39, but she's young) and all the continents (we have been to 3 continents, so we still have some more work to do). We also really like going to National Parks and are trying to get to as many as we can.

A few minutes after bringing Abby home from the hospital - so great to be a family, and be home!
At the cabin

Just relaxing 
On our way to Guadeloupe

Cheyenne (Abby's birthmom) feeding her some veggies - yum!


Bathtime fun
Big Bend National Park
On a family walk through the wetlands in Las Vegas

Death Valley National Park
Abby's first football game - chearing for TCU Horned Frogs!
Hohenschwangau - Southern Germany

Abby likes to send her dad picture notes while he is at work

Brazos River - Texas

Keeping warm while we walk Penny

Amanda with some of her cute book club friends
Having fun feeding the birds at the zoo