Our Work

Ryan has worked for BNSF Railway for over 10 years. When we tell people he works for the railway they always ask if he drives the train. No, he doesn't. He spent the first 7 years in the marketing department in 3 different positions. The past few years he has been in the finance department doing analyses. He really enjoys his job, has learned a lot, and is grateful to have such a wonderful and stable job, especially in this current economy.

Ryan went to an "Intermodal Bootcamp" where he learned all about the day-to-day operations of the trains - and they let him drive one

Amanda completed a postdoctoral research fellowship, which basically just means that she did research - brain research. She studied memory using functional MRI - her participants did memory tasks while they were in an MRI magnet so she could see what areas of their brain they used to complete the memory task. She had two studies - an autism study and a healthy aging study. The year following her post-doc she taught in the Psychology Department at TCU. She taught research methods, general psychology, and memory and cognition (her favorite). Her favorite thing about both research and teaching (besides the fun people she works with) is that she got paid to learn things that she was interested in and to find answers to questions she has and then teach these things to others. Now that we are Abby's parents Amanda stays home to raise her - being a stay-at-home mom is the career of her choice, and she loves it!
Although Amanda most recently used fMRI to study memory, in graduate school she used EEG - here she is filling an EEG cap before the testing begins

Being Abby's parents is our best job!