Penelope - But We Call Her Penny

We wanted a dog since before we got married. Due to our work/school/church schedules we were not home too much the first 8 years we were married. We feel like it isn't nice to leave a dog alone all the time so we didn't get one. Instead we pretended that other people's dogs were ours. When we visit Amanda's family we borrow her sisters' dogs to take on hikes and walks and such - we really love them. We also get to dog-sit for Ryan's boss occasionally and have always had a lot of fun with that.

But, once Amanda finished her post-doc and was then teaching only 15 minutes away 3 days a week and only working at the temple every other week we felt like we could finally get a dog. We spent a lot of time looking for dogs on-line then finally decided we would just go to shelters and find one. The second place we looked we found her - our perfect dog.

She was adopted from a local shelter/rescue. We always wanted a lab but Ryan's mom is a bit afraid of large dogs so we didn't think we could get one. But we saw her and she just looks like a 6 month old chocolate lab but she was 3 years old and hasn't gotten any bigger. She only weighs about 40 pounds. She came house-trained, good on a leash, and fantastic at riding in the car. She is not at all destructive. We couldn't think of anything more we would want in a dog. Her name is Penelope, we call her Penny. We just love her and are so excited to have a dog of our own!!!!!!! Abby and Penny are great friends. When Abby wakes up in the morning Penny always joins us in going into her room to get her up. Penny is fiercely protective of Abby and Abby repays her for this by giving her pats and rubs and sharing her food with Penny. They are best buddies.








Amanda's mom, Penny, and her cousins