What's So Great About Ryan - By Amanda

Ryan is amazing - I am continually impressed by him and grateful that I am so lucky to get to be with him forever. Ryan is the kind of person others are drawn to. He is super easy to get along with. You could say there are two types of people in this world - those who love Ryan, and those who don't know him. He is funny, but doesn't have to be the center of attention. He is super smart, but doesn't need to let everyone know it. He is a hard worker, but is happy to do so behind the scenes. He is considerate, honest, peaceful, humble, creative, energetic, motivated, and fun. Ryan is the kind of person that when you are with him you just feel good. He is fairly private but will also open up to those who are close to him. He has always been very supportive of me and helpful to me in my endeavors. He is a great friend and the best husband in the world, and he is a fantastic father. Anyone that sees Abby and Ryan together knows this. There is a very strong bond between them - they adore each other! Ryan's favorite thing to do when he comes home from work is play with Abby. I picked Ryan because he is the best, and am so lucky he picked me back.

Out to dinner to celebrate Ryan's job promotion
Sledding with our nephew Ben

In Timpanogos Cave, Utah - Abby's first cave
In Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas - We went on a quick trip after Thanksgiving with Amanda's parents

Sharing some sports love at Abby's first baseball game - Go Rangers!

Carrying our niece Lissa while hiking with our family around Lake Mead, Las Vegas
Having some beach fun in San Diego, California

Hiking in the mountains by the family cabin with our sister's dog Tillie

 Cracking up in the sweet pea maze - Carlsbad, California