Beautiful Abigail Marie

A lot of adoptive parents know about their children before they are born, especially now that open adoptions are so common. We did not know about Abby until she was 10 days old and she was not placed with us until she was 3 weeks old. The way Abby came into our lives is a miracle, and a very long story (we have documented in great detail how it all came about, from the moment we learned about her until the adoption was finalized, on our family blog in a series of posts called "Abby's Story" - there are 17 posts all together and you can get to the first one here) but a very brief version is that Abby's birth mother, Cheyenne, had picked an adoptive family for Abby and they were there when Abby was born. There were complications with her delivery and the couple backed out (they did not want the possibility of having a special needs child). Because of the complications Abby was rushed to a children's hospital where she stayed in the NICU for 3 weeks. Cheyenne's mom worked with Amanda and upon learning we were trying to adopt reached out to us. We met Abby a couple days later and the day she was released from the hospital we were able to bring her home - it was an amazing day, to say the least!

Abigail Marie is one fun, cute, adventurous little girl. She loves to read books, to play hide-and-seek and other games, to play with our dog Penny and us, to dance and sing, to swim, and to be outside. Not only is she just physically cute but she has a very cute personality. Abby has been very observant and interactive with people since she was a month old. She loves to learn and explore. She loves to laugh and make people laugh. She's going through a shy phase right now but she will warm up to people after a little bit and she is very social. She's very smart, a good eater, and a good sleeper. We think she is pretty much perfect (we may be a little biased, but we don't think so).

Abby will be a great big sister. She is already a great sharer - she loves sharing in fact. She will be a good example as she already picks up her toys (well, not always, but often). She is very gentle, at least as far as we can tell through her interactions with animals and other children. And she loves playing with other kids.

Abby and her awesome birth mom