Hopes For Our Children

Glacier Bay National Park - Alaska
As all parents, we have several things we would like to do with and teach our children, and things we hope for them. First and foremost we would hope our children would have a love of God and a desire to serve Him. We will consistently teach our children about their relationship to Him and about His love for them. We will also want our children to feel secure in their family relationships, to know and feel of our love for them, and to have good relationships with all their siblings. One of the ways we hope to do this is by building family traditions. Additionally, we hope that our children will love the outdoors as much as we do, and we’ll start out from their infancy taking them on walks and hikes and such. Education is also very important to us. We both have advanced degrees, and while we would not want our children to feel pressured to receive advanced degrees, we will raise them with the expectation that they will learn all they can, they will work hard in school, and they will attain sufficient education to support themselves and their future family. Finally, we hope to have family pets. We both had family dogs growing up (Amanda had lots more family pets as well including cats, rabbits, and tortoises) and would like our children to have the same experiences.
Paula (a lady Amanda taught as a missionary) and Amanda - Oakland California Temple

Outside the Dallas Texas Temple just after Abby was sealed to us - a very important day for our family
Fun in the spring by the cabin

 Abby is much loved - with Cheyenne (Abby's birth mom)

 Playing with her cousin Luke

Valley of Fire - Nevada State Park
Olympic National Park
 Playing with her cousins Zander and Michealanne

 Abby's first Halloween dinner - witch fingers, ghosts, goblin boogers, brain, and blood soup - Yum!
At Cheyenne's (her birth mom) graduation

Valley of Fire - Nevada State Park

Grand Canyon National Park
 Fun in the leaves
 We were pleasently surprised to find these owls while on a walk in Oak Mountain State Park - Alabama

Abby loves to swing!